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Mutual Fund

Why should one invest in Mutual Funds?

One should never invest in Mutual Funds but should invest through them.

To elaborate, we invest in various investment avenues based on our requirements, e.g. for capital growth – we invest in equity shares, for safety of capital and regular income – we buy fixed income products.

The concern for most investors is: how to know which instruments are best for them? One may not have enough abilities, time or interest to conduct the research.

To manage investments, one can outsource certain tasks one is unable to do. Anyone can outsource ‘managing one’s investments’ to a professional firm – the Mutual Fund company. Mutual Funds offer various avenues to fulfill different objectives, which investors can choose from based on one’s unique situation and objective


We help our customers with both life and non-life insurance products to cut on risks and perils. Our services extend to policies like life insurance term plans. We can also help you with your general insurance policies like medical, accident, travel, home and other insurances.

Fixed Income

As a part of your investment portfolio, we offer a wide range of Bonds, Gold ETFs and Government Securities along with Corporate Fixed Deposits which vary in tenures, interest rates & institutions to suit your investment needs. These instruments are unexplored by the public due to a lack of understanding and knowledge.

The schemes have been specially chosen from high-safety options to ensure that you enjoy the twin benefits of returns and protection. This genre of Investment schemes is best suited for investors who want to earn fixed returns on their investments.

We do fixed income products like Bonds, Government Securities, Debentures.

Direct Equity

Money Mantra in collaboration with Angel One(Angel Broking) offers a safe, seamless, online share trading platform. This stock trading application helps in tracking your direct stock investments online. Expert Research for Technical Analysis and Portfolio Maintenance Services.

Angel One (formerly known as Angel Broking) is one of the largest independent full-service retail broking houses to India committed in providing accurate and widespread data for every online share trader.

Open Demat and Trading Account & Trade Instantly at very less Brokerage on Delivery Trade & Trade across all segments. Paperless and Hassle-Free Sign Up with top-class client support.

Tax Planning

Manage your personal finance in the most tax-efficient manner with the help of tax-planning services offered by Money Mantra

➡️ Analysis of taxes by experts

➡️ Instant tax advisory service

➡️ Income Tax Return Filing

➡️ Tax-saving investment options